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¿Who are we?

We are a 100% Costa Rican company committed to meeting the needs and driving the success and visualization of micro, small, medium and large companies, offering quality services tailored to the needs of each business and budget, in order to publicize their services and products, and thus increase their benefits.

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Msc. Jose Mario Salas Boza is a filmmaker, Producer, Director, Editor, Colorist and Journalist with five years of experience in television, corporate journalism and film production. He graduated as a filmmaker and content producer in digital media at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California. He also holds a degree in Audiovisual Production and Journalism from the San Judas Tadeo University. He has directed two films released in cinemas, more than 10 short films in Costa Rica and the United States, 350 biographical documentaries, among others. Among his most outstanding achievements are being the first Costa Rican in history to premiere a national film on the IMAX screen, he was the youngest film director to release more film productions between 2016 and 2019. He has premiered a short film at Warner Bros Studios and made a short film endorsed by the United States Actor's Syndicate (SAG-AFTRA). He is the founder of JSB Cinematographic Productions.

We have highly trained industry professionals.

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